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CREDI welcomes all who meet the institution’s admission requirements
Once students are admitted, we ensure that they are given the academic, personal and, where appropriate, financial support necessary for successful completion of their course at CREDI.
CREDI is looking for: 
  • Academic ability and potential
  • Motivation and suitability for the chosen course of study
  • Commitment and self-discipline
Every applicant is assessed holistically using all information available to us via:
  • The applicant’s academic record - including CXC/CSEC (or equivalent) grades and marks, A’ level /CAPE (or equivalent) grades (DIPLOMA/ASSOCIATE DEGREE / BACHELORS) and / or First Degree certification & Transcript (POSTGRADUATE).
  • References
  • Successful completion of interview process (Applicable to music students only).

There is also a matriculation route for mature students with relevant working experience.

Generally, all admissions decisions are based on academic criteria and leadership potential.

Music Students are advised to check with the Music Department for more detailed information.