Why Give to CREDI?

We are constantly working to improve CREDI and its ability to deliver quality service and programmes. This is by no means an easy task and for this, we need financial assistance from philanthropic companies and individuals who choose to be friends to the Institution. Gifts from generous persons and organizations will help meet a critical funding need to assist CREDI with facilitating students' access to a first class education and with maintaining a level of excellence in our programme delivery. We can only achieve this through ongoing faculty and staff development, campus and Head Office maintenance, research projects and enhanced classroom facilities.
Donors may designate gifts, of any size, to the campus, programme or project they wish to support. Every department and programme has specific needs that are critical to the success of the Institute. Whether you help us to build a campus, contribute to the enhanced delivery of a specific programme or fund a smaller project, your support will help us to transform lives.
The following is our current project:
  • Outfitting the library at CREDI’s Head Office.                   


E-mail us at registryadmin@credi.edu.tt if you would like to make a contribution.



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