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Classes scheduled during normal working hours in Easter and July/August vacation periods only
 Campuses strategically located in North and South of the island
 Online postgraduate programmes
 At CREDI, we empower students to think critically and to express their perspectives with confidence in and outside of the classroom to hopefully bring about change in their workplace and in their communities.
 We believe that every human being should be treated with dignity and respect. Despite the Catholic foundation, we open our doors to students of all religions and backgrounds.
 CREDI fosters an intimate environment, one of camaraderie and teamwork. Any CREDI student will tell you that there is a sense of family and community in the classroom.
 We believe in a holistic approach to development of our students and therefore each of our students participate in Original Pain Therapy (OPT). OPT allows participants to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Beyond this programme, all students have access to CREDI’s team of in-house Clinical Therapists for support and guidance through any difficult moments in their lives.
The University's degree programmes are designed with input from industry to make sure you gain the skills needed to progress in your selected area of specialisation. Employers know that a graduate from CREDI will be of an extremely high standard, increasing your career prospects at the end of your degree.

The Practicum provides opportunities for the student to engage in structured activities that show that the gap between theory and practice is being effectively bridged. It affords the student the opportunity to crystallize theory into the splendid reality of fruitful action.

Our Cooperating Teachers are advocates for their students and provide personalized mentoring to each student that allows the student to achieve potential personal and professional development.
Whether you are currently employed in an appropriate environment or not, CREDI will assist you with securing a space within a suitable establishment to practice and develop your skills.
CREDI believes in offering its students a welcoming and cooperative learning environment with personalized attention from our faculty and staff. This personalized attention is the reason many students give for choosing to attend CREDI. Faculty are dedicated to nurturing the whole person, thus preparing students for success in their careers and as individuals. The Catholic ethos is an essential, binding element that we strive for within the CREDI community, which embraces members of other faith groups as well.
As a department of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Port of Spain, CREDI is determined to make available to all staff a variety of experiences from the rich tradition of Catholic spiritual life and therefore, CREDI has spirituality at the heart of all its operations and programmes.
At Head Office
 Monthly mass is held on the last Wednesday of every month at the Chapel, St. Dominic’s Children’s Home, Belmont. You are welcome to come and celebrate mass with us!
 The Angelus is said daily within a particular department at which spiritual songs and readings are shared with all who are present.
 All meetings start and end with prayer
 All students and faculty are invited to mass at the start and at the end of every academic year
 Special concessions are arranged to acknowledge key dates and festivals on the Catholic calendar
On Campus
 Classes start and end with prayer and worship
 Special concessions are arranged to acknowledge key dates and festivals on the Catholic calendar
Student initiated
 Postgraduate students engage in at least one (1) mass per term
CREDI offers many opportunities for community service in the Belmont area. Students may volunteer at the home of the Head Office, St. Dominic’s Children’s Home and neighbouring charitable organizations within the environs.