Undergraduate - Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate (2013 -2014) 

Please consult the annual Handbook for tuition and non-tuition fees.

Please note that all fees are subject to change annually. Where applicable, students will be appropriately notified.


Fees can be paid via cheque, LINX or Direct Deposit. Kindly contact Finance Department for Bank Information and Account details. Students processing direct deposits are advised to prepare duplicate deposit slips and ensure that one copy is retained for submission to the Finance Department for processing and timely updating of records. 
G.A.T.E. Funding
  1. Students must complete a G.A.T.E. e-application form.
  2. Students not eligible for G.A.T.E. funding may contact the Finance department for additional information.
  3. Students must obtain G.A.T.E. Clearance in order to access G.A.T.E funding.
Where G.A.T.E. Clearance is denied the student will become responsible for the full payment of tuition fees. Students may contact the Registrar, Student Affairs Department or the Accountant, Finance Department to discuss alternative payment options. 
G.A.T.E. Clearance may be denied in any of the following cases, though not limited to:
  • Students failing to achieve a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Students being recorded as absent during the first six (6) weeks of the academic term
  • Students failing to successfully complete a minimum of 80% of the courses studied in the previous academic year to be eligible for G.A.T.E. in any current year.
  • Students failing to resolve matters of indebtedness to G.A.T.E. for prior or current programmes.
Kindly review the following G.A.T.E. information: (available on the Ministry’s website: http://test.gov.tt/Services/GATE)