In their own words

By: Asha Sam - Undergraduate Student

1. Tell us a bit about yourself? 

I consider myself a lover of life, one who embraces and look forward to the many opportunities to grow and develop. I am determined and willing to face and surmount all challenges thrown my way.  I strive to be disciplined in all of my undertakings and this has made me passionate in my efforts.   
2. What do you enjoy most about studying at CREDI?
The way in which classes are structured (Saturdays Only) allows me to pursue higher education without having to contend with the rigors of the work week.  It allows me time to strike a healthy balance where home, work and my study life is concerned.
3. How would you describe the quality of teaching staff? How have they supported you during your studies?
Each and every one of my lecturers led by example and personifies what it means to be a servant leader.  My lecturers are passionate about what they do and this is reflected in the conviction of their words, actions and attitudes.  They are always on time, not authoritative and make every attempt to be inclusive in their classroom interactions.  Lecturers readily avail themselves in efforts to provide support.  They are unreserved in sharing their personal telephone, cell and email contacts.  Students have access to them outside of scheduled class hours.  They are also willing to engage students on a one and one basis as the need requires. 
4. Did you undertake any practical experience (work experience/work placements/field trips) during your degree?
Yes, at present, I am involved in the practical component (practicum) of the course.
5. What did you learn during your practical experience?
I was brought to the realisation that the teaching profession itself requires more than just knowledge and application of theory… also requires a passion, commitment and dedication….akin to love.  I experienced minor setbacks and therefore in light of this I grew even more determined and resolved to overcome the obstacles.  The opportunity also presented me with a gauge of my level of commitment to the teaching profession.    
6. How would you describe your interactions and experiences with your cohorts?
I enjoy an excellent rapport with my classmates.  We have established and share high levels of personal communication and interaction.  There is always an eagerness and willingness to assist each other inside and outside the classroom.  They have provided an excellent support system.  
7. Why is this area of study important to you?
It is important because I am interested in excelling in the teaching profession and this degree will provide me with the necessary knowledge and skills which are needed to accomplish this.  
8. Describe in detail a specific experience you had with us that you were happy with. 
The Orientation Day at CREDI stands out because of the special treatment that was given to students on that day.  We were greeted with friendly faces and attitudes that immediately dispelled any feelings of intimidation that usually accompany unchartered courses.  The Guest Speakers were inspirational and left me energised and motivated.  I was also impressed by the extent in which the institution went out of its way to make us comfortable which included the provision of high quality refreshments.  
9. How have we helped you achieve your goals?
I am still in the process of completing my programme of studies however, I remain confident that I am on course for its successful completion.  The quality of lecturing, course composition and content has facilitated my learning.   
10. What advice would you give a student considering coming to CREDI? 
I will encourage them to be prepared for an experience that delivers more than just an academic degree.