B.Ed. (Honours)

(1) Early Childhood Care Education;
(2) Special Education;
(3) Educational Leadership;
(4) Guidance and Counselling; and
(5) Music Education.

DURATION: Three (3) years, except Bachelor in Education with Honours specialization in Music Education, which is four (4) years.

All programmes are comprised of two (2) major components; with the **exception of the music specialization option**:
(1) The Theory of Education - 90 Credits taught in face-to-face sessions over a period of three (3) years
(2) The Practice of Education (conducted over six (6) school terms with a cooperating teacher and an Evaluator.
** The Bachelor of Education - Music Education Specialization is composed of four components they include: Music / Education / Theology / History. Music Education also has a practicum component of seventy-two hours.**

Each of the components must be successfully completed in order to earn the CREDI Bachelor of Education with Honours Degree.