Associate Degree in Pastoral Ministry

The Associate Degree in Pastoral Ministry (Bible Study) aims to prepare people for service in various environments. This programme is designed to equip participants with skills that will enhance their ability to serve those in need with great care and compassion.

These pastoral skills will be facilitated through the mentoring component of the programme as participants will be guided in ministry to the displaced, persons in schools; prisons; hospitals; shut-in individuals, and persons in need of pastoral care.


On completing this programme participants must be able to see themselves as confident agents of change and transformation in the home, the church and the world.

Providing assistance in:-

  • Developing lesson plans to meet the needs of a variety of groups according to age, gender, and/or educational level in a parish environment.
  • The development and presentation of retreats for students from kindergarten to tertiary levels, and for adults
  • The development and presentation of catechetical programmes specific to the chronological ages, and/or spiritual maturity of parishioners, and they will exercise the skills required for open dialogue on theological and ecclesial matter.